Liquid Recycling

reDirect Liquid Recycling is passionate about the health of the environment and waterways and provides a vital waste disposal service to businesses and local communities to ensure contaminated liquids are contained and recycled.

The service offers efficient and complete liquid recovery management including assessment, analysis, documentation, waste collection and disposal services at reDirect Liquid Recycling’s EPA approved material recovery facilities. The liquid waste is then treated and recycled to the highest possible environmental standards, returning it as highly beneficial specialist fertiliser and compost products which are used for agriculture and land rehabilitation and crop improvement.

Liquid Recycling

Waste Inputs


  • Oily waters
  • Grease trap
  • Septic Tank
  • Liquid and Food waste from manufacturers
  • Wash-waters
  • Sludges
  • Drilling Mud


  • Any of the above accepted waste streams with solid particles larger than 5cm.
  • Plastic, metal and glass
  • Chemicals
  • Food and garden organics
  • Products exposed to radiation and chemical hazards

Collection Services

reDirect Recycling provides liquid waste management services in the Bathurst, Central West, Lithgow, Blue Mountains regions and beyond. Our liquid waste removal and transport team can manage commercial and industrial liquid waste across various industries including Food & Beverage manufacturing, wash bays, and businesses using commercial oils, delivering a timely and cost-effective removal service including emergency pumping.

With a variety of different sized vacuum trucks capable of navigating compact or difficult sites, the business can offer flexibility in services and conveniently returning the waste to a reDirect Liquid Recycling material recovery facility for processing.

Grease Trap Waste

Food Service operators such as cafes and restaurants understand the importance of keeping grease traps clean. There are many problems that can arise as a result of not maintaining your grease trap. reDirect Liquid Recycling provides grease trap cleaning services to ensure that businesses can operate effectively.

Septic Waste

Maintaining your septic system, whether it be on a home, farm, or commercial premises, is of the utmost importance as septic tanks receive liquid waste from private or public toilet amenities. The septic tank collects and breaks down all the solid matter, turning it into sludge and allowing fluids to exit safely to underground dispersion areas called Distribution Trenches or Drain Fields.

reDirect Liquid Recycling can visit your place of residence by request or on a regular septic tank cleaning and pump out cycle where we perform sludge test inspections on your septic tank and clean and pump out when sufficient sludge has accumulated. This preventative maintenance is an important process in maintaining your system.

Our Fleet

reDirect Recycling provide Liquid Waste Trucks and Hydro-trucks.

  • 10,000L Trucks
  • 13,500L Trucks
  • 22,000L Trucks

Disposal Facilities

Deliver your liquid waste to the reDirect Recycling EPA approved material recovery facility in Kelso, NSW. This site offers a transfer station with accessibility for vehicles of all sizes and a calibrated weighbridge.