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reDirect Wood Recycling conduct resource recovery of pallets, clean timber, and particleboard off cuts. With the aim to produce new products from old resources and return them to the market, diverting more waste from landfill. reDirect Wood Recycling is encouraging effective efficient waste management processing, and advocating resource recovery.

reDirect Wood Recycling reclaim materials that would otherwise go to landfill, reducing waste after product has reached end of life in the market. One type of such processes is the manufacturing of particleboard which utilises recycled wood and particleboard off cuts into the production of new particleboard. Reconstituted or engineered timber products are used extensively in joinery applications. It is imperative that robust systems for reclamation must be available to divert these materials from landfill.


Particleboard Recycling

Particleboard Recycling Process Flow


reDirect Wood Recycling has been established to provide a closed loop particleboard and wood recycling service.

A 2.3m3 capacity bin is placed at your premises and collected when it is full. By installing a reDirect Recycling service you will enjoy significant cost savings in landfill charges. The reDirect Wood Recovery Initiative has been designed to service customers who are buying raw and melamine coated particleboard products.

Particleboard Recycling Loop

reDirect Wood Recycling will reclaim materials that would otherwise go to landfill, thereby reducing waste, preserving plantation pine forests and protecting the environment for future generations.

The manufacturing of particleboard utilises recycled wood and offcuts in the production of new particleboard.

By opting for wood offcut collection through reDirect Recycling you are assisting in creating sustainable manufacturing practices.

You can register for the wood and particleboard recycling service online. Once registered we will contact you to discuss how you can be part of this exciting and value adding new program.

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Particleboard Recycling Process Flow