Drill Mud Recycling

reDirect Recycling offers efficient resource recovery management, creating an industrial ecology that diverts waste from landfill to return resources back into the economy. reDirect Recycling focuses on providing a disposal and recycling solution to customers generating drill mud, hydro excavation muds, and stormwater.

Redirect Recycling, a Borg company, is passionate about sustainability and reducing waste going to landfill so we have used our expertise to create a solution that recovers and reuses valuable resources to be repurposed in the construction market.

Waste Inputs


  • Drilling Mud – naturally occurring rock and soil, sandstone, shale and clay.
  • Drilling Fluid – water, chemical additives such as bentonite, soda ash (sodium carbonate), sodium hydroxide, lime and polymers.


  • Drilling mud generated by deep drilling for mineral, gas or coal exploration.
  • Drilling through contaminated soils, acid sulphate soils (ASS) or potential acid sulphate soils (PASS).

Bin Delivery Options

A soil waste, also known as a mud or slurry bin is delivered to your premises or project and is collected when full, returning the soil waste to a reDirect Recycling Material Recovery Facility for processing.

Drill Mud Bin
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