Drill Mud Recycling

reDirect Recycling operates one of New South Wales largest drill mud recycling facilities, returning treated mud fines and aggregates to be used as engineered fill, sand, and specialist soil, fertiliser and compost products which are sold on for use in the building, landscaping and agricultural industries, contributing to the circular economy.

The technology installed at the site in Vineyard, NSW uses vibrating platform screen technology to separate solid/liquid waste that requires classification or dewatering.

With a commitment to providing customers with soil waste disposal solutions that minimise both environmental impacts and overall costs, reDirect Recycling offers two convenient options for the recovery of drill mud.

Drill Mud Recycling

Waste Inputs


  • Drilling Mud – naturally occurring rock and soil, sandstone, shale and clay.
  • Drilling Fluid – water, chemical additives such as bentonite, soda ash (sodium carbonate), sodium hydroxide, lime and polymers.


  • Drilling mud generated by deep drilling for mineral, gas or coal exploration.
  • Drilling through contaminated soils, acid sulphate soils (ASS) or potential acid sulphate soils (PASS).

Bin Delivery Options

A soil waste, also known as a mud or slurry bin is delivered to your premises or project and is collected when full, returning the soil waste to a reDirect Recycling Material Recovery Facility for processing.

Drill Mud Bin
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Drop-Off Locations

Deliver your drill mud waste to one of the reDirect Recycling EPA approved material recovery facilities. These sites offer 24-hour service, accessibility for vehicles of all sizes and a calibrated weighbridge.
Wetherill Park, NSW