Belmont Timber Diverts Up To 40 Tons Of Timber Waste From Landfill Per Month

“We’ve been able to save up to $10k per month on waste disposal fees with reDirect.” Managing Director at Belmont Timber
Belmont Timber Diverts Up To 40 Tons Of Timber Waste From Landfill Per Month

Belmont Timber are a valued reDirect Recycling customer who manufactures preassembled wall frames and roof trusses for the residential market. They are located in Fairfield and employ 71 tradespeople. We asked Gary Walker, the Managing Director of Belmont Timber about their experience using reDirect Recycling’s wood recovery solutions. 

“For the last two and a half years we’ve been dealing with reDirect Recycling we have found the whole process a very easy and simple one. They are all very polite. we find all the drivers and everyone that’s involved with reDirect Recycling very easy to work with.” Garry Walker – Managing Director at Belmont Timber

The timber waste that reDirect Recycling recovers from Belmont Timber is distributed to Australian Panels to be used in their particleboard manufacturing. Products like CUSTOMpine and STRUCTAflor will be made with Belmont Timber’s frame and truss waste timber offcuts. Australian Panels is a leading manufacturer of melamine panels and components for cabinetry and joinery in Australia. Their engineered particleboards are made from pine logs and recycled timber, recovered from construction, demolition and other waste streams.

Belmont Timber are very aware of their environmental impact and are committed to reducing it wherever possible. They’re thrilled that since working with reDirect Recycling they’ve been able to divert 20 – 40 tons of timber waste from ending up in landfill per month. By doing so they’ve also greatly reduced their CO2 emissions. Additionally, the financial benefit is that they’ve been able to save up to $10K per month on waste disposal fees.

“It’s not only the financial benefit, it’s the fact that if we could get more people to do what we’re doing, I just feel that we wouldn’t be putting as much product into landfill.” Garry Walker – Managing Director at Belmont Timber

Since working with reDirect Recycling, Belmont Timber have consolidated numerous timber waste bins in their factory into one larger external pickup point saving them floor space within their factory. Belmont Timber accumulate a lot of timber off cuts and in the past had to empty their bins daily. Now they only require a reDirect Recycling pickup once or twice a month to deal with all the accumulation of timber waste.

“We ring and book a truck in between 24 and 48 hours which works for us very very well.” Garry Walker – Managing Director at Belmont Timber

Another notable feature of the service that reDirect Recycling offers is that our timber waste trucks don’t arrive empty. STRUCTAflor flooring panels from Australian Panels are often delivered by reDirect Recycling trucks to Belmont Timber in the same truck that picks up their waste timber. It saves on delivery costs and reduces the amount CO2 emissions produced when compared to using multiple trucks. This is just part oh how our business practices are contributing to the circular economy.

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